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Cocker Spaniel Books

Listed here are some of the best books about Cocker Spaniels. Many on the list are now sadly out of print but are well worth tracking down; occasionally they come up for sale on Ebay or sites specialising in rare books, such as AbeBooks. The books currently in print are usually available to buy online through Amazon and Crosskeysbooks.

Cocker Spaniel: An Owner's Guide by Jane Simmonds

This is the most recently published book on the breed and is a small paperback aimed at new puppy owners or those considering the breed for the first time. Lots of useful info on how to find a good breeder, choosing your puppy, training and grooming tips, feeding advice and more.....

Pet Owner's Guide To The Cocker Spaniel by Frank Kane

A small and inexpensive book aimed at the first time pet Cocker owner. Includes a brief history of the breed plus chapters on Choosing A Puppy, Rearing a Puppy, Health Care and a nicely illustrated Grooming & Trimming guide.

A History Of The Cocker Spaniel by Peggy Grayson

Aimed more at the enthusiast with an interest in showing and breeding, this book gives a comprehensive run down of the famous kennels/lines that have shaped the breed as we know it today. Includes lots of black and white photos of some of the best known Cockers from 1894 to 1991. Out of print.

Cocker Spaniel (English) by George Caddy

Also sadly out of print, this is a beautifully illustrated book with hundreds of fantastic colour photos making it one of the most popular and sought after books on the breed.  Chapters include History In The UK, History In America, Illustrated Breed Standard, Colours and a good section on Grooming, Trimming & Presentation. Second hand prices can often range between £50 and £100 but for anyone with an interest in the breed, it's worth it.

Cocker Spaniel Best Of Breed edited by Derek Shapland

One of the more recently published books, this one features lots of photos of dogs owned by Cockersonline members, both show and working strain. Detailed information on all aspects of owning this breed including puppy care and socialisation, behaviour and training, health etc. Chapters are provided by hand-picked, experienced breed specialists with the chapter on Health Care written by a leading vet.

Spaniels by Nick Ridley

Written by the well known canine photographer this book is beautifully illustrated and takes a look at working Cockers and Springers.

Cocker Spaniels Today by Joyce Caddy

A good all-round book with chapters on the history of the breed, puppy and adult care, the breed standard (excellently illustrated with line drawings), health & welfare, the show ring and some nice photos of the best known show dogs from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

The Merry Cocker by Judy De Casembroot

Written by the famous 'Treetops' breeder over 40 years ago, some of the information is perhaps a bit dated now but it's an affectionate look at the Cocker Spaniel and the author's love of the breed shines through. Contains some nice photos and also poems and short stories. Out of print but can often be found on Ebay at quite a reasonable price.

The Cocker Man by Hedley Millington

The Cocker Man by Hedley Millington is an affectionate look back on a quarter of a century of breeding, training, working and competing working Cockers. As a gamekeeper, field trial competitor, KC A-Panel judge and founder of the very successful Nancarrow line of working Cockers Hedley was a well-known and well-respected figure in the Cocker world, a real countryman and a real champion of the 'true-bred' working Cocker. His love of and respect for his dogs and the breed in general shines through in his words and the book also contains many photographs of his beloved Cockers. The Cocker Man is a must-read for any admirer of the true working Cocker and their abilities.