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Celebrity Cocker Owners

For our 2008 photo competition we were proud and honoured to have some celebrity Cocker owners as judges, they very kindly sent us photos and info about their dogs...

"Over the years, I’ve loved and been loved by five Cocker Spaniels. My first love was a beautiful golden Cocker named Penny. She was a gift from the designer, Valentino, and my constant companion during my early theatre days in the 1990s. She’d preside over my dressing room like a princess, acknowledging visitors with a wag of her tail and then she’d return to her chosen spot. When Penny died last year at the age of 18, Scott and I were devastated. Over the years, Penny went from being the princess to becoming the Queen Mother of our household. She had two litters and Scott and I kept a dog from each: Cilla (as in Cilla Black because her coat was a dark velvet) and Lewis (named after one of the explorers of the Northwest territories of the United States). Lewis was a very dutiful son. He took care of Penny when she got older. He’d groom her and make sure she was comfortable before he’d settle for the night. He still misses her and so do we.

Cilla eventually went to live in the States with my parents and she gave them lots of love and pleasure until her death a year ago.

All my dogs have lots of energy (thank God) and luckily they’ve all loved to travel because I take them with me everywhere. They know their way around my dressing rooms and my Torchwood trailer. Lewis loves to sleep on my trailer’s couch when I’m filming. Sometimes he even makes room for me when I come in for a rest.

Charlie is one of my new Cockers. We rescued him from Dogs Trust (an organization I’m proud to be a patron of). Charlie’s a bouncer. When we’re in London, he’ll tear up the stairs to the living room, skid across the hardwood floor to the chair at the front window, and in one leap, land on the chair’s back and perch perfectly. It’s hysterical to watch because he never misses and he never wobbles or falls off (but beware if you’re sitting on the chair when he jumps). Before we adopted Charlie, we brought home Tiger, also rescued from Dogs Trust, who, sadly, only spent a short time with us before he died, but it was long enough for him to spend his last year surrounded by love.

Our most recent family member is CJ, a Jack Russell, a rescue from Cardiff Dogs Home. CJ (short for Captain Jack) is still a pup and he’s brought new energy to all the old dogs in our house."

Sadly we received some bad news about Lewis just weeks after John wrote this article for us..."Lewis sadly passed away on Tuesday after falling sick on Sunday afternoon. He had been unwell since January but his tail was wagging right up to the end of his last walk on Saturday. He was with us for twelve years and we shared lots of journeys around the UK and the US. He was a very special dog and will always be missed." Run free Lewis.

John Barrowman

Ken Bruce

Ken once said that he'd like to be reincarnated as a Cocker Spaniel as 'ours lived a life of pure pleasure' - which included riding up front next to Ken in the car whilst wife and kids made do with the cheap seats in the back. "We adopted Cassie at the age of 9 when her owners, friends of ours, had to move abroad. She stayed with us for 7 years, a very good, if slightly inactive friend to our family. Sadly, she died last year but was lively (for her) up to the last." Sleep tight Cassie, you beautiful girl.

Martin Clunes

"Mary our gold Cocker is now nine, one year older than our daughter Emily and she is without doubt our first born - we treat her like royalty and absolutely spoil and adore her. Tina, Emily's dog, is three - she's very boisterous, very pretty and loving to us. Before we got Tina we had a lot of fun giving toys and pets second names, for no better reason than it made us laugh. So now we have Mary Elizabeth, Tina Audrey and our newest addition to the family - a beautiful ten month old black Labrador called Arthur Colin."

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

A co-star of the hit TV show 'To the Manor Bowen' was the Llewelyn Bowen's blue roan Dandy, who liked to sneak her way into as many shots as possible, tail wagging away furiously... "I've been well and truly punished for calling my dog Dandy as every time she's run away and I've been shouting Dandy at the top of my voice, people have made a point of coming up to me and saying "Dandy ? Yes you are, aren't you !" She's an unusual cross breed - half Cocker, half curtain tassel."

And here is the lovely half Cocker/half curtain tassel, lounging luxuriously in the kind of decadent opulence befitting a Cocker princess...

Mark Radcliffe

The handsome Cocker boy in the photo is Toto, named after the dog in The Wizard Of Oz. Toto celebrated his 1st birthday at the end of March. "He's a real part of our family now. He would ideally like to be outside all the time, and never goes for a walk without finding a muddy puddle to get soaked wet through and filthy. He likes to sleep with something that smells of us... like a scarf, a shoe or currently my youngest daughter Rosie's vest! He is affectionate beyond belief."

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